Love spells using black magic

   Black magic is the most powerful form of magic, since it uses forces from the dark side of nature and energies which are nocturnal. Thus black magic is very powerful. Do not get confused when I say powerful, because powerful means strong not harmful. There are many black magic practitioners around the world located in different cities, towns and countries. Now coming to love spells which is one of the most asked for and used spell. So just imagine that if a love spell is cast using black magic how great would be the effect of the same.

 Love spells using black magic is often used to re-unite lost love, or to bring back an ex, it is also used to find the best soul mate and or to have an everlasting love and married life. Black magic sorcerers can cast great love spells using black magic with to the point effect and results; in addition the results are seen and observed quickly and are everlasting. Yet we should also know that love spells using black magic can be cast by anyone anywhere, the only thing needed is to know how to cast it and when to cast it. Having said this, I have prepared one such spell with complete instruction on how you can cast it all by yourself and see the results quickly.

This spell is used to make your lover marry you, the spell is designed for people in love, but who do not know whether they are committed totally or not, this love spell helps the person to make his or her lover become fully committed to him or her and then take the relationship further by getting married.

You would need the picture of the person on whom you want to cast this spell. Five petals of red rose and fifteen petals of pink Lily. Six dragon’s nail and eight sandalwood incense sticks along with a love shaped red or pink candle. Stick The picture of the person on the candle with the help of the dragon’s nail and also cover the picture with the rose and Lily petals, all using the dragon’s nail.

Encircle the candle with the incense sticks and burn each of them, then light up the candle and let it burn, when the picture and petals along with the dragon’s nail catches fire and starts burning cast the below spell exactly three times but make sure to complete it before everything is turned to ashes, let the candle burn and blow off its own, take everything and bury half of it in your garden and the rest half on your lover’s garden, in five days’ time your lover would ask you to marry him or her.

“Love we do

Much we ado

Be with each other

Always and forever

Lucusmutum vivilanto

Avantikum levisonum

Wish my fulfilled by you

We get married which is true

Love we do

Much we ado.”

Black Magic and love Spells

Usually when we think about love spells, we think about white magic or red magic because it seems to be natural that those colors represent love. However there is a big mistake in this. Love spells as well as money spells can be cast with black magic too!

Black magic was called that way during the catholic inquisition , before it it was just another kind of magic. Because of the usage of rituals and some dead animals the clerics decided to ban it and even jail or kill the “witches” .

But they could not stop the witches to gather in secret covens and pass spell casting techniques one to another generation to these days. I found a website with real ancient black magic love spells at :  you will find many articles related to black magic , voodoo, juju, and other types of magic . Most of them are free, if not all.  Nowadays it is much easier to find the ingredients for a black magic spell, There are special stores to buy colored candles, incense, and many other witchcraft things that you may need to cast a spell properly.

As you may now, read and practice before casting a spell on your own, I think is always better to pay to someone who is an expert on the subject, but if you can not afford it, then you can use one of the free spells at this website under your own risk. Usually it won´t backfire, but there is a slight chance that it may happen! Also take care that Love Spells are meant to increase love between to people and not to mess with their own free will , so be careful and think twice what you wish!

Create a Love Talisman

    Today we will lean on how to create a love talisman, because creating a love talisman has lot of benefits, the very first benefit is that the talisman sticks with the person on whom the love return to me spell is cast and makes sure that the love spell which is cast gives proper effects and results and that too quickly.

To create a love talisman, the first thing you need an empty talisman or as better known in Urdu a tabeez, you would also need some soft wax or you can use molten wax from your candle. Take two rose petals, on each write your name and your lover’s name, this can be cast on either if you already have a lover to strengthen the relationship and if you want someone to be your lover then to attract and create senses of love for you in that person’s heart. Once you have written both the names, then light up a red candle, take a long needle and stick both the rose petals together in it then with the help of the needle burn the rose petals and turn them to ashes, put the ash inside the tabeez and then seal off the open end of the tabeez with molten wax from the candle, while you do so chant the below spell number of times equal to each drop of wax that you put on the talisman.

No one separates us

No one harms us

No fear within us

We are two but one

Forever and ever young

Be mine and I be thee

For we are made for each other

From birth and within.”

Once this is done then let the wax on the talisman cool off, you will see that the open end has now sealed off, just scrub with wax paper to make the area smooth, then dip the talisman in rose water and make it wear in a red string around the neck, wrist or waist of your lover and make sure they do not open it seldom for any reason, because once the effects are seen the talisman is believed to whither out by itself or it would open up from the string and fall someone where so that it could not be found again. This once happens means the spell cast has shown its effect to the fullest.

Voodoo love spells

Voodoo also called Vudu or Vaudu is an afro-haitian religion that believes in the power of many entities. The practitioner of this religion or magick is called “Hougan” and is said to have supernatural powers.

Voodoo Spells

Today, people from all over the world are using voodoo spells for many purposes , such as love, revenge, luck, protection, beauty , etc. Some use Voodoo dolls and some others use voodoo love spells to get someone to fall in love with, or to retrieve their lover. Voodoo is an occult belief and some confuse it with black magick. Though they are someway similar they are not exactly the same. I recommend not trying this kind of magick if you don´t understand the risk involved!

Couple Candle Love Spell

When casting love spells one very important item that is used is a candle, a candle is used to bring in the fire element in casting the spell, moreover fire represents passion, thrill, adventure, lust thus candle is considered to be a very important item that is required to be used while casting  love spells and you want them to work fast.

Candle for love spells

You will find many different colors and shapes and sizes of candles available in the market but when it comes to casting couple candle love spell then you should look specifically for bright color candles like red, pink, orange, yellow or you should look for heart shape candles or even couple figurine candles, at times depending on the couple candle love spell requirement even a male and female genital shaped candle can be used. Below we will use a couple candle love spell to reunite two lovers.

You would need a couple figurine candle in pink color and the pictures of both the couple who are to be re-united. Stick the male picture on the male side and female photo on the female side of the candle, if required you can cut the photo small take out the face and paste or pin the face on respective faces of the figurine.

Then light up the candle and chant the below spell just three times, if the candle blows off means your spell will work and if it does not then you have to keep casting it till you achieve what is desired.

“Unite them
Bestow them
Keep them
Protect them
Love them
As they for each other.”

Read more about candle spells at:

White magic nowadays

Magic was first classified as white magic and black magic, wherein people believed that white magic is a form of magic which is not harmful and not much strong when compared to black magic. It was believed that black magic practiced invoking nocturnal spirits and even demons wherein white magic practiced few rituals and use of energies present during the day time. As time passed by so does the concept of white magic grew. White magic nowadays is practiced within a variety of cultures and even practiced as religions.

The main religion which evolved with the standards of white magic is known as Wicca today, the followers of Wicca follow the same and similar guidelines as that of white magic, they believe that magic cannot harm anyone and hence one should do his or her will. Wicca is the modern form of white magic with no central authority to guide it rather has some traditions which need to be followed by a witch or wizard practicing Wicca.

Wicca is basically followed as a religion and though the practice of magi is used in Wicca, however it is not always necessary, Wiccan followers believe and worship deities in the form of mother goddess and horn god, which again they believe are a part of main godhead. Offerings are made to the deities and even annual celebrations takes place which are known as Sabbats. The witch or wizard who practice magic in the form of white magic have a firm believe that magic cannot harm anyone and that white magic is the purest form of magic.

White magic nowadays though practiced in other forms as well, but is most widely known as Wicca magic, since we can see that the followers of Wicca have more in common goals just like those who follow white magic and since Wicca got more eyes throughout the world hence today white magic are often referred as Wiccan magic.

How to attract money

Even if people are already living at a highly technological world, many still believe in the power of spells to make something that they want to do happen. Some even believe that if they can’t have one thing through their own will then they need the help of people who are believed to possess the skills to alter things to make it more favorable to them. That is why it is not surprising to see that even in a highly technological world, services of psychics are still being considered because of those who believed in them.

Importance of money

Money is very important in order to make sure that transacting business with anyone will be made possible. Without money, how are you going to move forward? It remains a fact that without money, you cannot do anything. Thus, you have to learn How to attract money with money spells. If you have done all your best but you still ended up having nothing, then there must be something wrong with that.

Failing despite the effort of making money

Are you getting frustrated because no matter how you try, you are still ending up not getting the target that you set? Earning money is easy but the problem comes in when after you give your best, you are still stuck to where you are currently at. If you cannot do it by means of doing all your efforts, then you can turn to steps which may be too absurd for others but can be what you need as of that very moment.

Believe that the money spell  will work

There are times that no matter how effective a particular step is, it just won’t work because you lack the acceptance that it will work. You have to put your trust on it so that you can expect a more favorable outcome. The most important component that will make everything work is your trust that it will turn out to be more effective. You have to put your confidence on How to cast money spells. It won’t be that easy but as long as you believe, chances that it will work is higher.

Go to trusted spell casters

Next thing to do is to make sure that the spell will be performed by somebody who has done well in the past. Do not just trust anybody to do it. It has to be well thought of if you want to expect for a more favorable outcome. Things have to be made carefully so that you won’t fail on what you are expecting things to be. Check the background of the one whom you have chosen to do it.

Always choose reputable psychics to do it. The success of the spell that will be casted is also dependent on the expertise of the person who will do it. Therefore, you should end up with people who really have skills to do it in the most effective manner to avoid frustration in you. Do not add any burden to yourself by making it work this time. Do not leave any more room for disappointments. Are you not tired of doing things over and over again and seeing nothing in return?

Keep on trying

No one gets successful at a first try. It is just normal for people to fail. But there are instances that seem to be very impossible to understand especially when you have given your all and then you haven’t seen any changes in your situation. No one can help you to be where you want to be. You are the only one who knows about it.

No one can dictate how your life will turn out. Sometimes, it is a product of your own actions. You fail to do what needs to be done or your efforts are merely not good enough for success to be yours. If you have grown tired of failing every now and then, you better take the step to give another meaning for yourself. You can magnet money if you know How to attract it. It will make things better for your situation.