Psychic Reading and the related intricacies

When an individual is able to distinguish certain specific information using various unique kinds of capabilities viz. the human senses like sight, touch, sense taste, as well as instinct then he is said to be using psychic abilities. This is such a vast world where one horizon is the limit for anyone to understand in totality about the same.


There are various kinds of Psychic reading and when one deals with the same one need to understand in details what exactly its various types are and its implications for the same. Though most kinds of psychic readings does not use any kinds of devices or mechanisms as few psychic professional readers have specialized areas of experience and hence accordingly they deal with the situation and circumstances.


Let me explain you various kinds of psychic readings which are like the tarot card reading, then there is the email kind of psychic reading, the palm reading done from seeing the lines on palm, psychometric readings, and readings based on astrology & the aura readings forms the few important kinds of psychic readings.


Let’s explain in brief what each of these various kinds of readings as these would be essential for you to understand psychic readings in detail. Astrology is basically the study of the effect which the universal planets have on humans. In short it’s the effect which the starts or cosmos have on a human being and his or her future life.


As per the study of astrology, it has been seen that the position at which the starts as well as the sun and moon, as well as various planets are positioned would have an effect on the future of the said individual. It has been seen that the position of these planets have an effect on the behavior, career as well as in the relationships of the concerned individual. These can also aid in predicting one’s future, economic condition, career prospects, one’s personal life, married life, kids, success, failure etc.
Next we move the other second important part which is the Aura readings. Aura readings basically deal with the interpretation and understanding of the auras. When we speak of auras we might get reminded of the bright circular light which we have seen shining on the head of individuals when we have watched movies or have seen pictures. Aura has something to do with the same. Aura can be described as the radiant light which is normally present surrounding an individual. Very few have been able to view or have seen these kind of aura. Psychics have suggested or have described these auras as electromagnetic fields.


Next comes the card reading which comes under the domain of tarot card reading which deals with the professional who makes the individual picks cards from a deck of cards which has several pictures or images. Each image or picture depicts some aspect of human life or the other.


There is another sphere of psychic readings where one uses gems and stones for predictions. These gems are generally immersed within water and in few cases are tossed and then the readings are taken by seeing the closeness and the difference between the same. The origin of these is not known exactly but the same is used among diverse cultures across the world. IN few places this is also termed as some kind of gypsy- reading.


The next branch of readings which has become quite famous and is used quite frequently is the study of numbers, where numbers are used as instruments for aiding in making the readings. These readings are done on the basis of the date of birth and in few cases few specific dates of significance of the individual is used for determining the future of the concerned individual.

Psychic Reading

Palmistry or palm reading is all about reading the lines of the palm and depicting the future of the individual accordingly. Here various things are considered like the lines on palm, the wrinkles, the various shapes, curves, triangles, squares etc which re-formed on palm aids in predicting and foretelling various aspects of an individual.


Psychometry is yet another field of study where the professional gets to know more about the individual via physical –contact with the individual’s personal possessions. Normally few common things which the readers ask for are stuffs like wedding rings, keys of use cars, glasses of the user, etc.



The basic belief behind this is the fact that things which are used by the user do have the presence of the energy which has been emitted by the user which aids the professional in coming to a conclusion and helps in make the readings better and more perfect.


So readers, if you are really interested in this psychic reading then I believe this article would have helped you ….

Love spells using a lemon

Have you ever seen lemon being used to create love spells, well let me tell you that love spells using lemons is an ancient method used to cast love spells, lemon has some strong characteristics which helps in drawing two lovers together, mostly love spells using lemons are used when it comes to bring back your ex, or remind your love about you, and because of the taste which brings freshness to our tongue, lemon is also used to cast love spells for creating passion between two lovers.

Below are some love spells using lemon that you can cast for yourself or do it yourself to see good and quick results.  Source: where you will find many more spells and psychic casters.

Spell 1: this love spell using lemon is used to bring two lovers close to each other, you would need a cup of lemon juice, a male doll and a female doll, in a full moon night keep the dolls on an altar or a place where the moon rays can fall on them, dip the feet of the dolls in the lemon juice and keep the dolls away from each other but facing each other, on one doll write your name and on the other your lovers name as per both of your sex. Then draw a straight line using the lemon juice between both the dolls so as to connect them, then pray to the almighty and each time you pray the below written prayer, move the doll by an inch, you will stop once both the dolls touch each other, in three full moon cycles your lover and you will come close more close to each other and if your lover has left you then he will get back to you.

“Oh God almighty father, give me the strength to see though back to me, give thou the strength to see thy me back to thee, give both of us the power to understand and love each other more and more”

Spell 2: this spell is used to attract someone towards you. You would need a full size lemon, a saucer, a white newspaper or carbon paper material paper and some magnetic salt, on the saucer place the white paper and on the paper write “MY LOVE – MY LIFE – COME TO ME” with red ink pen then sprinkle the magnetic salt on the paper then squeeze the lemon on the paper so that the paper completely gets wet with the lemon juice. Place the saucer as it is in your bathroom and every day while taking bath, cast the below spell once before or while taking bath, you will see that the words you have written on the paper will disappear or mix with each other or get blur and the day that happens your love of life will get attracted towards you or come to you.

“Come to me oh life of thee
I am for you and you are for me
Make east meet west, cross the seven seas
Come to me oh life of thee”

Spell 3: For arousing passion in your partner, cut a lemon half and stick it on your wall near your bed, before going to sleep each day lick the lemon once and cast the spell below the day the lemon becomes dry, you will see your partner having more passion for you.

“Lick the juice – I do
Lick the juice – you too
Love me more and love me ever
Bring in the passion that you had never”

Love spells using clothes

Clothes are the stuffs which are closest to us, since we wear them, thus many spell casters prefer to cast love spells using clothes because clothes get to touch our body and hence becomes a part of our body, our sweat, at times blood (due to various reasons) sticks to our clothes and remain in our clothes, thus a cloth of a person can resemble the person on his or her absence. This is one of the greatest reasons why love spells using clothes are used for variety of purpose.

If we consider white magic then it has been observed that magicians use clothes or even pieces of clothes like handkerchief or caps, shirts, tops and trousers to cast love spells and bind a person with another. In many other traditional magic and folk magic clothes are wrapped on dolls or offered to love deities to fulfill the love spell. At times clothes along with pictures are first washed then burnt and the ashes mixed to the same water and then a portion is created, or even at times a piece of the used cloth after the spell has been casted is used to create an amulet. Though only genuine spell caster can cast specific love spells using clothes but below you will find few methods to cast love spells using clothes yourself.

 Method 1: To bring back your ex, you would need a used piece of your ex’s under garment and yours as well, stitch both the pieces together then take a bowl and fill it with rose water and mix a little lilac oil with it then dip the cloth in the bowl, keep the bowl in a dark place inside your closet and pray to love God and moon God for three weeks, then sprinkle the water from the bowl, you will see that your ex will contact you and if you continue your prayers then your ex will be back in your life.

Method 2: To meet the person of your dream, tie a red color cloth that you have had worn and that has not been washed on the south side of your room, then sprinkle some dragon oil on the cloth next day after twenty four hours then on the third day that is forty eight hours after, look at the red cloth and chant the below spell three times and you would see the person of your dream would come in front of you in three day time.

“aviluvum eye eye eye

Aviluvum jye jye jye

Come to me oh dream of mine

Be the truth of my life”

Method 3: If the person whom you love does not love you and you want the person to love you and only you and get attracted towards you then you would need one of his shirt collar and a picture of his, wrap or stitch the collar with the picture, then put a love shaped candle on the picture and chant the below spell thirty one times and see the result in thirty one hours.

“agulu bugulu

Bhagulu bhagum

Love only me my wish is thee

agulu bugulu

Bhagulu bhagum”

The Truth Behind Love Psychics , Who They Are?

Everyone desires a happy ending. Everyone wants to have a love story that resembles that of a fairy tale. Sadly, love does not always turn to be a good story. There are always chances that it will turn the other way around in a way that you don’t want it to be. That is why matters of the heart are a major problem to people because of the way that it affects them to the point of doing all means that will help them have an assurance whether their partner is the one whom they are destined to be with.

Psychics, who they are?
This is one of the basic questions that most people ask especially when they are in need of somebody who can help them find an answer for their love problems. There is nothing certain when you are in a relationship because anytime, the feeling can change. Because of fear that they will wake up one day with the one they love no longer by their side, many seek the help of these psychics in order to find an answer to what bothers them and to do something in order to counter whatever it is that are set to happen.
Many are confused whether or not these psychics really possess the power to tell what the future can be between two persons.

These people are believed to possess the gift of having the capacity to see what lies ahead. That is why, their services are getting in demand because of the burning desire of many to know beforehand if they have already seen the one for them or what awaits them in the future. No one wants to end up alone because having no one will truly be a very sad ending for anyone. They will help you know about the future of your relationship.

Psychics?  Even if not all will believe to them, the discretion is always dependent on every person. But the fact remains that there are many people who have grown their trust for them because of the help that these people who are said to possess the sixth sense have given them. As you can see, these psychics have already made their services better for those who believe and put their trust on them.
What problems do they usually deal with?

They are mainly dealing with problems that are faced by people when it comes to their relationships. They are the ones who will provide light in the situation that concerns two individuals in the hope of giving the other person an assurance about how their fate would turn out. Many seek their help because many want to see what will happen first in their desire to alter everything that might come.

Love psychic
Cheating partners
This is one of the major scenario that clients of these psychics want to know. Everyone wants the entire attention of the one they love. No one wants that their other half will have somebody else other than them. That is why, when something suspicious starts to happen or if there are actions that can make them start to doubt, a psychic is usually called to help them stop their partners from cheating and to bring them back to them. Even if many doubt whether psychics really possess the skills to intervene, there are still many who trusted them.
How to get the best psychics?
No one wants to believe in false assurances. If you want to end up to a good service, then you should find a reputable psychic who have made their name on this field. Do not just trust anyone. Remember there are different kinds of people and you might end up on unreliable ones who will only make you believe that they possess the skills only to know that they do not. Do not waste your money over them so make sure that you choose the best among them so you won’t end up believing into lies.

White Magic and the its spells which work

When we speak of magic then it’s obvious that then we normally would think of Black Magic but have you ever thought of that there are basically two kinds of magic, black magic and white magic. Normally all have a notion that magic implies black magic but that is not so. There is also the existence of white magic. This is very much different from the black magic as it has nothing to do with the harming or causing any ill to anyone. The main aim or intention behind this kind of magic is for getting something like lost love, to bring back happiness in life etc.
When we speak in general about magic then it has no color or any differentiation and the major aspect behind it is that it harnesses the forces of nature to get unnatural tasks done which is beyond the tasks and powers of normal human hands.
It has been generally heard that when one speaks about white magic that it generally is used for healing effects or for purposes of helping. Thought many might be of the opinion that there are white magic and black magic but when we speak of magic in general at heart magic is same and has no difference in colour. It has been differentiated by its motives.
As already mentioned above, magic which is associated with healing purposes or for helping any individuals for some tasks that cannot happen with normal human hands is termed as white magic. On the other hand, black magic is that which can even cause harm to individuals but again is something which normal humans cannot do, and is practiced by professionals. When we speak of white magic it has various kinds of spells which have very effective results few common spells which are commonly used are enchanting kind of spells, spells for friendship, truth- spells, curing spells, spells for diet, Spells of healing, spells of health, spells for defence, dream – spells, spells for peace, spells for protection, spells to ward off evil spirits, spells for babies, spells for fertility, etc.
White magic has always been using conventional techniques of harnessing the powers of nature for bringing about the desired results.
In this article I would divulge a very effective love spell which can bring back your love that had left you for some or the other reason. But one thing which you need to remember is that white magic or any kind of magic deals with spells and using the same properly and effectively. One needs to follow the methodology properly else its effects would not be proper.
To start off with you need to have few things which had been used by your lover, could be his/ her handkerchief, ring, etc. Choose any new moon night which needs to be the first Friday of the month and start off with the spells. The spells would need to be performed in presence of none hence you need to ensure that no one except you and the spell caster is aware of this entire thing. Once you are done with the date selection, then you would need to take the object which you have thought of as the object of lover and keep it in a concave bowl filled with rose water and normal water. Add a rose petal to it and spit your saliva in the same water.
Next, you need to keep the bowl facing the moon on a window sill or near terrace so that the moon can be seen on the water surface of the bowl. You would need to do this for a span of thirteen days and you would see how the wonders work in this regard.
While you keep this bowl in the moonlight, it is necessary that you chant the below said lines. When you chant the same, you would need to do so without interrupting the same. Thought it’s not possible to do so but trying to do with the less number of interruptions would be the best way to have the ideal results for the same.
“New like the moon
Make my honey come to me soon
Shine as bright, as the water strikes
Show the path to thee, bring him back to me
Goddess of love I pray to be
Bring me the love of my life back thee.
Atculus murugaap, cheri cheri ippe pooi
Atculus murugaap, cheri cheri ippe pooi
Atculus murugaap, cheri cheri ippe pooi
New like the moon
Make my honey come to me soon.”

What is Mind Control White Magic?

Magic has intrigued the human race for centuries. We are continually attracted and intimidated to how it exactly originated and if there is indeed a reality to every word being said about it. Magic is dreamily cloaked with mystery up to this day.

To tell you a few things about how magic is conjured, forces that are seemingly elusive are controlled by a person who is commonly known as a Magician. The history of Magic clings to one of the oldest laws known to man: “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” which ultimately means that magic has a price. Anyone who is adept of controlling unnatural and spiritual forces can conjure a magic spell. There are several instruments that an individual might utilize to manipulate such forces and achieve the result that they want. Chanting, visualization, candle burning and persistent manifestation of a desire are some required tools helpful to initiate a magic. One particular practice of magic which is the manifestation of desire wherein an individual calls upon supernatural forces to work with his/her need to achieve something out of the natural spectrum can be compared to various practices known to us governing the laws of attraction. Most of these practices encourage mind control. The laws of attraction clearly states that whatever we attract into our lives can happen inevitably if we are set on it. The thing that distinguishes magic is that it plays with the supernatural.

In the past, magic was perceived to illuminate the works from dark forces of nature. This notion of magic has evolved through years of digging up on the topic and experimenting about it. Today, it is still known for its mystery; however, a lot of people have toned down in their cynicism about it and are more open to newer possibilities.

There are three commonly known kinds of spells: dark magic spells, mind control white magic spells and love magic spells. We can clearly identify white magic spells from dark magic spells since they are bound in opposite spectrums. Love magic spells on the other hand typically involves manipulation of individual’s emotions. Let’s identify what exactly are these kinds of magic spells:

White Magic enchantments

Generally, white magic spell is a spell which contributes for the good of an individual. These spells are perceived helpful and friendly. White connotes healing and purity which makes it permissible to be used for harmless magic. Other colors are assigned to other kinds of magic since the birth of a visual spectacle of various forms of media. Red is the magic of destruction and fire; green is the color of life and nature and black, undeniably, is the magic of fear and death. Nevertheless, we should take note that there is no such thing as good or bad magic.


Helpful magic are all under mind control white magic:

  • Healing magic spells. This has conjured for the purpose of healing or curing an individual or any organism.

  • Health magic spells. These spells intended to alleviate sickness if not to completely make someone’s health better.

  • Spiritual Magic Spells. They are used to encourage the spirituality such as summoning of angels and good spirits

  • Wealth Magic Spells. These are to encourage an individual’s material, spiritual and emotional prosperity.

  • Luck Magic Spells. They are responsible in encouraging an individual’s good fortune.

  • Life Magic Spells.They are made toencourage thewell-being of any individual, whether adult or baby.

Black Magic

Encourages harm to an object or individual. Since the color black is normally related to fear and death this is why people are particularly irked with the unfriendliness of black magic.

  • Immortality. Contradict the finite concept of life. Encourages immortality.

  • Necromancy. Encourages bringing back the dead. This act of disturbs the natural order of things.

  • Demonic Spells. These spells summons demons and satanic beings.

  • Curses and Hexes. These spells intends to harm an object or individual.

  • Love. Love has been widely considered as a positive trait hence it can be generally be considered under “white magic”. However, love on the extremes can be totally another thing. It creates danger and ultimately destruction as it can easily provide warmth and beauty.

Free black magic return to me spell

We all know that black magic spells are powerful spells, but within those there are few specific black magic spells which are even more powerful than others, like the black magic return to me spell, is one of them. These black magic spells are casted only by spell casters in the recent past, but now we also get free black magic return to me spell over the internet.


Let us first see what this spell is all about, well as the name of the spell goes return to me, so we can easily make out that this spell would help someone to get back someone by making that person returning back to the former. This spells can be performed for varied reasons like getting back an old love, or getting back husband or wife, at times this spell is also casted to find someone who is lost.

Below I will describe , credits go for , a free black magic return to me spell which you can easily cast to bring back someone who is lost, however if your person was lost for more than two years and you did not find a trace of the person then you should seek help from a genuine spell caster only, since in such needs the spell should be tailor made.

In ancient times when people used to go away from friends, families and home for months and years together, and if their people back at home felt that they might have been lost in their voyage. Then such spells were cast to help such families get back the person lost in traveling. Well, as said below is the spell that you can cast for yourself and get back a person who is lost, to make it easy I have also writing down the ingredients that you need to use and the method to cast the spell.

You would require some dragon nails, rabbit’s feet, dragon oil and a bowl along with the name of the person who is lost written with RED INK on a piece of a paper in bold. In the bowl pour the dragon oil and mix the dragon nail and rabbit’s feet and stir properly, so that the rabbit’s feet soaks the oil properly and the nails stick to the feet, when the oil is soaked completely then wrap it with the piece of paper in which you have written the name, gradually you will see the paper will start soaking the oil from the rabbit’s feet. It will take around three to four hour for this process then remove the paper and blow it away so that it fly away or throw it in a river stream, now when you are wrapping the paper, and when you would make it fly away or flow down a river stream, cast the below spell three times each and do the thing mentioned, in about three week time you will expect to hear from your lost one.

Bring thy philocus

Bring thy to me

Let the air and water unite

To bring thy be me

Itanagar batanagar sitapur

Bing thy philocus

Bring thy to me.”