What is Mind Control White Magic?

Magic has intrigued the human race for centuries. We are continually attracted and intimidated to how it exactly originated and if there is indeed a reality to every word being said about it. Magic is dreamily cloaked with mystery up to this day.

To tell you a few things about how magic is conjured, forces that are seemingly elusive are controlled by a person who is commonly known as a Magician. The history of Magic clings to one of the oldest laws known to man: “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” which ultimately means that magic has a price. Anyone who is adept of controlling unnatural and spiritual forces can conjure a magic spell. There are several instruments that an individual might utilize to manipulate such forces and achieve the result that they want. Chanting, visualization, candle burning and persistent manifestation of a desire are some required tools helpful to initiate a magic. One particular practice of magic which is the manifestation of desire wherein an individual calls upon supernatural forces to work with his/her need to achieve something out of the natural spectrum can be compared to various practices known to us governing the laws of attraction. Most of these practices encourage mind control. The laws of attraction clearly states that whatever we attract into our lives can happen inevitably if we are set on it. The thing that distinguishes magic is that it plays with the supernatural.

In the past, magic was perceived to illuminate the works from dark forces of nature. This notion of magic has evolved through years of digging up on the topic and experimenting about it. Today, it is still known for its mystery; however, a lot of people have toned down in their cynicism about it and are more open to newer possibilities.

There are three commonly known kinds of spells: dark magic spells, mind control white magic spells and love magic spells. We can clearly identify white magic spells from dark magic spells since they are bound in opposite spectrums. Love magic spells on the other hand typically involves manipulation of individual’s emotions. Let’s identify what exactly are these kinds of magic spells:

White Magic enchantments

Generally, white magic spell is a spell which contributes for the good of an individual. These spells are perceived helpful and friendly. White connotes healing and purity which makes it permissible to be used for harmless magic. Other colors are assigned to other kinds of magic since the birth of a visual spectacle of various forms of media. Red is the magic of destruction and fire; green is the color of life and nature and black, undeniably, is the magic of fear and death. Nevertheless, we should take note that there is no such thing as good or bad magic.


Helpful magic are all under mind control white magic:

  • Healing magic spells. This has conjured for the purpose of healing or curing an individual or any organism.

  • Health magic spells. These spells intended to alleviate sickness if not to completely make someone’s health better.

  • Spiritual Magic Spells. They are used to encourage the spirituality such as summoning of angels and good spirits

  • Wealth Magic Spells. These are to encourage an individual’s material, spiritual and emotional prosperity.

  • Luck Magic Spells. They are responsible in encouraging an individual’s good fortune.

  • Life Magic Spells.They are made toencourage thewell-being of any individual, whether adult or baby.

Black Magic

Encourages harm to an object or individual. Since the color black is normally related to fear and death this is why people are particularly irked with the unfriendliness of black magic.

  • Immortality. Contradict the finite concept of life. Encourages immortality.

  • Necromancy. Encourages bringing back the dead. This act of disturbs the natural order of things.

  • Demonic Spells. These spells summons demons and satanic beings.

  • Curses and Hexes. These spells intends to harm an object or individual.

  • Love. Love has been widely considered as a positive trait hence it can be generally be considered under “white magic”. However, love on the extremes can be totally another thing. It creates danger and ultimately destruction as it can easily provide warmth and beauty.

Free black magic return to me spell

We all know that black magic spells are powerful spells, but within those there are few specific black magic spells which are even more powerful than others, like the black magic return to me spell, is one of them. These black magic spells are casted only by spell casters in the recent past, but now we also get free black magic return to me spell over the internet.


Let us first see what this spell is all about, well as the name of the spell goes return to me, so we can easily make out that this spell would help someone to get back someone by making that person returning back to the former. This spells can be performed for varied reasons like getting back an old love, or getting back husband or wife, at times this spell is also casted to find someone who is lost.

Below I will describe , credits go for blackmagicworld.com , a free black magic return to me spell which you can easily cast to bring back someone who is lost, however if your person was lost for more than two years and you did not find a trace of the person then you should seek help from a genuine spell caster only, since in such needs the spell should be tailor made.

In ancient times when people used to go away from friends, families and home for months and years together, and if their people back at home felt that they might have been lost in their voyage. Then such spells were cast to help such families get back the person lost in traveling. Well, as said below is the spell that you can cast for yourself and get back a person who is lost, to make it easy I have also writing down the ingredients that you need to use and the method to cast the spell.

You would require some dragon nails, rabbit’s feet, dragon oil and a bowl along with the name of the person who is lost written with RED INK on a piece of a paper in bold. In the bowl pour the dragon oil and mix the dragon nail and rabbit’s feet and stir properly, so that the rabbit’s feet soaks the oil properly and the nails stick to the feet, when the oil is soaked completely then wrap it with the piece of paper in which you have written the name, gradually you will see the paper will start soaking the oil from the rabbit’s feet. It will take around three to four hour for this process then remove the paper and blow it away so that it fly away or throw it in a river stream, now when you are wrapping the paper, and when you would make it fly away or flow down a river stream, cast the below spell three times each and do the thing mentioned, in about three week time you will expect to hear from your lost one.

Bring thy philocus

Bring thy to me

Let the air and water unite

To bring thy be me

Itanagar batanagar sitapur

Bing thy philocus

Bring thy to me.”

10 Steps to Attract People Using Black Magic

Using of black magic doesn’t always have to be hurting someone; it can be used in different purposes as well. People can do it for other reasons as well. You can attract other persons by using black magic. Hurting someone can’t be the major motive for practicing dark spells and rituals. Here are the total steps and tips for this method.

  1. First of all, collect a fresh new white paper. Make sure there are no spots on the paper. The shape of the paper can be square.
  2. Now you have to take a black marker and put a dot right at the center of that paper.
  3. You have to attach that paper on a straight wall. Use glue to stick it.
  4. Now you have to level the paper and your eyesight. Remember that the dot of the paper have to be at the same level of your eyes so that you can see it straight.
  5. Now step a few steps away from the wall and the paper. 8-10 centimeters is the recommended distance.
  6. Look at the spot of dot and concentrate on the person you want to attract.
  7. At this time, you are forbidden to look at something else. You can’t look away from the dot of the paper.
  8. Think about the person you want to attract over and over again.
  9. You have to watch and concentrate on the dot every day for at least 10 minutes.
  10. After a few weeks you will get the result. Don’t stop until it happens.

The entire thing is based on the attention and faith. While you are looking intently at the dot, you need the entire focus. If you know how to mediate then it will be easier for you. Clear your brain while doing the method. Keep away from noisy places and don’t let anyone near you while you are practicing. Make sure the paper stays in the similar place every day. If the paper is scratched then the magic won’t work so you have to look after it as well.

Doing this black magic has some other benefits as well. Your focusing ability will increase and you will become skilled at medication in order to perform this black magic. For more details about this technique, article from wingedwizard.com will help you. The whole technique is known as the dot method.

A Free Love Spell: For Sending a Strong Message to Your Love


The magical spells are getting more and more famous in the world. Different people tend to use magical powers in different way. Likewise any other thing, magic can be misused for harming others and it can also be used for positive things as well. Loving and getting love is one of the most beautiful aspects of life. Fortunately there are many magic love spells available, which can be practiced easily at home. Following you can go through one of the most effective free love spell.

Spell: Sending the Love, with the power of Love!

In this love spell, you would send your love energy signals to the universe to get and echoed answer for your question and will. For crafting this spell, arrange the following stuff;

  • Some dried rose petals
  • A roasted or charred stick
  • A small piece of red paper
  • One red candle

Please follow all other requirements religiously which are generally correlated with the act of magic, inclusive of taking a ritual bath, dressing up cleanly and choosing a quite place etc

The Procedure

  • Consider in your mind that you are in a relationship with your desired person and feel the positive energy that will flow across your body in response
  • Now with strong love thoughts in your mind, take the charred stick and with its roasted part draw two interconnecting hearts on the red paper. Keep your mind engaged in visualizing the ideal relationship as firm as you can.
  • Now take the dried rose petals in your hand, and transfer your inner lusty, love energy into these petals. Carry out this step while thinking vigorously about your love and yourself being with him or her.
  • After transferring your energy into the petals, sprinkle them on the two hearts which you have just drawn on the red paper.
  • Now start folding the paper, with all those dried petals inside. You should end up with a small portable package. Don’t allow a single petal to get escaped
  • Keep visualizing about your companionship with the one, you love most. Set this package on fire with the help of a red candle. And throw it in a suitable container, where it can continue to burn until only the ashes would remain
  • Collect all the ashes and transfer it into a suitable small container of a size which you can carry easily along with you.
  • Another idea is to spread all your bounded energy into the universe by releasing some of the ash on a windy day.